Have you had enough BullHonkey customer experiences to last a lifetime?  Us too...

Why us?  How are we different?  What can you expect?

If you are unfamiliar with the term Bullhonkey, check out Urban Dictionary's definition.

There are a number of extremely well done customer experience/advocacy blogs out there today and I hope BullHonkey can add a new perspective into the mix.  I think this will be the case for a few reasons.  Read on... 

My wife and I will share the responsibility of writing posts (and occasional rants).  We hope this will joint approach will help keep the content fresh, diverse, and relevant because we will be sharing stories and insights that will range from general consumer interactions and B2B riffs too.

We are both extremely passionate about high quality service!  Up until a few years ago we jointly ran small business together, but now I work in the customer experience management (software and consulting) space and Emily is at home full time with our two daughters while shifting her professional focus to her writing career. 

A couple of important things to note about BullHonkey.  First, we feel it is just as important to call out people/businesses who deliver the kind of disrespectful service that outrages you as it is to recognize people/businesses who provide those experiences that keep you coming back for more (or Hero moments).  Second, we want to encourage you to take action on these experiences.  Recognize folks who go above and beyond and identify others who fail in servicing you and just don't seem to care. 

If we can help connect you with the people who care at these companies (believe me, there are people who care at most of these organizations), please let us know.  We are good at finding people who care...  So whenever we can, we will either track down the appropriate people or point you in the right direction if you ask.

To contact us directly, please send a note to No.BullHonkey@gmail.com

Mike & Emily

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